About us

West Coast Corals is the premier online Aquaculture and ethically sourced coral retailer

At West Coast Corals we pride ourselves in putting our customers first whether it is through our numerous discounts giveaways or just coral advice!

We are just a couple of reefing nerds who love coral as much as you do!

Our companies goal is to provide our customers with top notch corals while continuing to keep this hobby environmentally feasible.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time regarding questions about products, inventory, discounts or if you just wanna talk coral!


Dead on Arrival information:

We have a 10 day stay alive l guarantee, if the rare chance that coral does arrive dead we require a picture of the coral inside its sealed bag. If the coral dies after shipment please reach out to us through either Instagram or our email info@westcoastcorals.com and we will move forward with the 10 day Stay Alvie guarantee. 


** Fish damage from non reef safe fish voids Guarantee**

**Removing coral from plug voids Guarantee**

**Basic aquarium upkeep and stability are required for Stay Alive Guarantee**


**We are not responsible for shipping delays**

**DOA doesn't cover shipping cost**

**Max two 1$ and or 5$ corals per customer**

**Each 1$ and 5$ must be matched with 25 dollars of other items**